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Called when generating the main navigation bar and menu for a page

Hook data:

        'usermenu' => array( 'icon' => photo URL, 'name' => channel name )
        'nav' => array(
            'usermenu' => usermenu (photo menu) link array
                (channel home, profiles, photos, cloud, chats, webapges ...)
            'loginmenu' => login menu link array
            'network' => grid link and grid-notify
            'home' => home link and home-notify
            'intros' => intros link and intros-notify
            'notifications' => notifications link and notifications-notify
            'messages' => PM link and PM-notify
            'all_events' => events link and events notfiy
            'manage' => manage channels link
            'settings' => settings link
            'register' => registration link
            'help' => help/doc link
            'apps' => apps link
            'search' => search link and form
            'directory' => directory link