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account_idtable indexint(10) unsignedNOPRINULLauto_increment
account_parentfor hierarchical accounts, the account_id of the parent to this one, if account_parent = account_id, this is the top level accountint(10) unsignedNOMUL0
account_default_channelchannel_id of channel to connect on loginint(10) unsignedNOMUL0
account_saltcomplexity token for account_passwordchar(32)NO
account_passwordhashed password for this accountchar(255)NO
account_emailessentially the login ID, although it is usually possible to login with a channel addresschar(255)NOMUL
account_externalCurrently unusedchar(255)NOMUL
account_languagedefault language (closest available browser-accept language when account was created)char(16)NOen
account_createdtimestamp of account creationdatetimeNO0000-00-00 00:00:00
account_lastlogtimestamp of last login (or daily update if "remember me" is in effect)datetimeNOMUL0000-00-00 00:00:00
account_flagssee notesint(10) unsignedNOMUL0
account_rolessee notesint(10) unsignedNOMUL0
account_resetverification token for password resetchar(255)NO
account_expirestimestamp when account expires and will be deleteddatetimeNOMUL0000-00-00 00:00:00
account_expire_notifiedtimestamp of last warning of account expirationdatetimeNO0000-00-00 00:00:00
account_service_classservice class for this account, determines what if any limits/restrictions are in placechar(32)NOMUL
account_levelfuture useint(10) unsignedNOMUL0
account_password_changedtimestamp of last password change - to limit account deletion for 48 hours to prevent malicious activitydatetimeNOMUL0000-00-00 00:00:00


* Account Flags

define ( 'ACCOUNT_OK',           0x0000 );
define ( 'ACCOUNT_UNVERIFIED',   0x0001 );
define ( 'ACCOUNT_BLOCKED',      0x0002 );
define ( 'ACCOUNT_EXPIRED',      0x0004 );
define ( 'ACCOUNT_REMOVED',      0x0008 );
define ( 'ACCOUNT_PENDING',      0x0010 );

* Account roles

define ( 'ACCOUNT_ROLE_SYSTEM',    0x0002 ); // 2 - this is the special system account
define ( 'ACCOUNT_ROLE_DEVELOPER', 0x0004 );
define ( 'ACCOUNT_ROLE_ADMIN',     0x1000 ); // 4096 - this account is an administrator

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