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Mario Vavti

Hubzilla 2.2 officially released!

At a high level, Hubzilla 2.2 provides a sneak peek at some of the features and functionality that are scheduled for release as Hubzilla 3.0 later this year. In fact, we managed to work in many of the 3.0 scheduled features and improvements in a little under 8 weeks, and completed approximately half of them.

Some of the things you will discover in version 2.2:

  • Mail preview and the ability to have tags/mentions in private mail - this has gone missing for far too long. Also - magic-auth is now connected to appropriate links in private mail.
  • Vcards have been attached to connections and profiles. This is part of the larger integration of CalDAV and CardDAV taking place later in the year. It brings some instant benefits such as allowing phone calls from the connections list page on compatible devices. With these fundamental pieces in place, additional functionality can be quickly added.
  • Apps are now central to the Hubzilla experience. The navigation bar has been simplified and an "app tray" provides quick access to Hubzilla functions. You can easily add and remove your own favourite apps from the navigation menu.
  • Improved and reorganised help and documentation system. We still have a long way to go, but progress is happening at an incredible pace. The bbcode reference provides explicit illustrations of the available formatting capabilities in an organized table.
  • Your wikis are now nomadic and can be synced to channel clones and backed up with your channel data. This involved changing the storage format. Old wiki content wasn't migrated for various reasons. Your old wikis are available by enabling the 'gitwiki' plugin. You can copy/paste these existing pages to the new wiki, or paste all existing commits if you feel a compelling need to do so. We've also added specific wiki permissions instead of overloading the webpage permissions.
  • More DB specific changes to handle MySQL strict mode (the default in current releases) and which also help with postgres compatibility.
  • Comanche conditional testing was enhanced in several ways, including the ability to change behaviour based on observer.language. This functionality was also added to bbcode.
  • Some work on migrating the "channel move" of Hubzilla Basic into a supported feature in the other server roles. This will allow better federation with other providers which only plan to implement a basic "move" function and are incompatible with nomadic identity (cloned channels). Once these services fully support channel move, Hubzilla channels can choose a move rather than a clone operation and retain cross-service federation when/if they relocate.
  • Cover photos now have a system default which will make profile zcards look less ugly for those who haven't uploaded a cover photo for their channel.
  • Turn the login/remote-auth link into a popup rather than a confusing choice.
  • Permission categories feature added so that you can give one group of people different permissions than another group of people and without requiring you to manually tick each individual permission for each individual person. This is necessary for the built-in issue tracker scheduled for later this year.
  • Delivery queue performance improvements and a more flexible queue scheduler.
  • Virtual privacy groups allows you to use the already selected viewers of a specific alternate profile as a privacy group.
  • Max and min version check for core/theme compatibility. We now fallback to the default theme if a theme does not meet the max/min version requirement.

  • GNU-Social Protocol: connector was finally given a green light after basic functional tests were properly completed and it was officially released.
  • Diaspora Protocol: channel import from Diaspora export file was moved to the plugin rather than in core. A bug was fixed where multiple photos would fail to display properly.
  • Opensearch: moved to plugin from core.
  • Dreamhost: moved to plugin from core.
  • Firefox API: moved to plugin from core.
  • Webmention: new addon to support IndieWeb use.
  • N-S-F-W: uses buttons instead of text links
  • Git-wiki: added to repository to provide access to old wiki storage
  • Phpmailer: updated, security issues

As always a BIG applause goes to all translators and numerous people which help making Hubzilla better with each release.

Get it while it's hot!

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Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum)
Indeed, gource reads the git log. :-)
Mario Vavti

Hubzilla 2.2RC Released!

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Version 2.2RC has been branched out from the development branch today. If you are technically versed and can therefore provide useful bugreports or fixes on issues you might find, you are invited to upgrade to Hubzilla 2.2RC and test it to help making Hubzilla 2.2 another unbeatable release!

A technical changelog can be found here:

A condensed summary will follow with the version 2.2 release announcement...

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giac hellvecio
"How long will the RC phase last? " where is?
losing more comments today..... :dislike
giac hellvecio
also in my clone  I don't see that comment
Mike Macgirvin
You might check your system clock - as your comment was (appears to have been) written about 30-35 minutes after Mario's reply to it. If the creation time of a post/comment is more than about ten minutes into the future it causes a number of delivery issues.
Mike Macgirvin

Important changes to hubzilla wiki

 High Range, Australia 
In a dev commit scheduled later today, wikis will be stored in a different format to ease "federation" and sync to channel clones.

It may appear at first that your existing wikis are gone, but this is not the case. At the same time a new plugin will appear called 'gitwiki' which has complete access to the original wikis. You may continue to use the gitwiki facility indefinitely -  however this will not be linked from your homepage and it is unlikely the contents will ever be synced or mirrored to channel clones .  

The link on your channel page will go to the new format wiki, which will start out empty.  

To access the original wiki contents first install the gitwiki plugin and then visit /gitwiki on your site. You may wish to re-create any existing wikis and copy/paste the page contents to the new storage driver.  At present the only functionality which is not present in the new driver is the ability to download a zipfile. All other functionality has been preserved.

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Mario Vavti

Hubzilla 2.0 officially released!

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The Hubzilla developers wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Here is an overview of the most important changes since the release of 1.14

  • Deprecate bb_iframe
  • Note widget: resize the textarea to reveal full content
  • Implement fixed left aside
  • Implement lockview for wikilist
  • Simplify wikilist widget
  • Router error reporting
  • Setup changes to check for shell_exec and exec functions
  • Extensible permissions upgrade handling for channels with custom permission roles
  • Allow plugins to cancel item_store() and item_store_update()
  • ZOT version 1.2 provides negotiation of cryptographic algorithms
  • Provide a fresh new look and cleaner layout and more relevant information to siteinfo
  • Introduce highlight bbcode [hl]
  • Implement wiki mimetypes markdown or bbcode
  • Doc pages refactoring
  • Update webpages and wiki context help
  • Make a git commit when a new wiki page is created
  • Prev-next navigation for mod_connedit to ease bulk connection edits
  • Move the remote user homebutton to the user menu
  • Do not render maps/locations for Diaspora destinations
  • Provide 'per-page' caching for is_matrix_url() results to reduce duplicate queries
  • Don't send notification for posts/comments on old conversations that were refetched after having expired
  • Numerous wiki UI improvements
  • Move twitter api to addon
  • Cleanup and re-organise the voting and attendance buttons
  • Reorganise emoticons
  • Collapse navbar-collapse-1 if avatar menu is clicked.
  • New display setting: static page update as opposed to live update
  • Command line administrative channel connect utility
  • Modernise chanview
  • Implement edit activities to share post/comment edits with protocols which do not support them (e.g. Diaspora)
  • Wiki export
  • Numerous postgres compatibility fixes
  • Remove requirement that imported profile photos be in the profile photos album
  • Change event behaviour - share by default.
  • Use PDO database driver exclusively (deprecate drivers that are separately maintained)
  • Zot API re-write and extended

  • Fix z_fetch_url() incorrect variable
  • Fix SQL error with app categories
  • Fix do not show revert buttons if we do not have write perms
  • Fix dropdown positions
  • Fix do not increase opacity to more than 1
  • Fix clone sync missing for some item delete operations
  • Fix embed-image for fullscreen mode
  • Fix attach_list_files()
  • Fix full screen for embedded videos
  • Fix the forum widget for forums with custom perms
  • Fix issue #607 parens not recognised inside urls
  • Fix pubsites: don't list dead sites
  • Fix issue #596 silence headers already sent warning
  • Fix missing plugins in zot-info
  • Fix notification issue
  • Fix issue #594 like of thing appears as profile owner like
  • Fix export issue
  • Fix checklist bbcode - only turn [] and [x] into checkboxes if it is found inside a checklist
  • Fix wiki permissions issues
  • Fix public calendar leaks connection information (birthdays) when view_contacts is not allowed
  • Fix attach_rename: flaw in duplicate filename detection resulted in filename(1)(1)(1).ext
  • Fix a fatal error with incorrect DB object access
  • Provide /locs link on settings page if there is more than one hubloc for this channnel *that isn't deleted*.
  • Fix issue #577 if connecting to a channel that is already pending, undo the pending and set connect permissions accordingly
  • Fix issue #575, when 'nofinish' is set on an event, invalid date was generated/stored
  • Fix bbcode event formatting issue
  • Fix zot_finger from navbar people search looping
  • Fix fromStandalonePermission()

  • GNU Social: removed from addons for security reasons - it might be re-implemented once it is properly reviewed
  • Diaspora: missing item author when diaspora public comment received from relay
  • Superblock: refactoring
  • New addon: tripleaes for pro
  • Cdav:  "if not exists" only supported starting with postgresql v. 9.5 debian stable has 9.4
  • Rendezvous: added markers and members export tool at /rendezvous/[group_id]/export/{markers,members}
  • Twitter: move twitter api to addon
  • New addon: b2tbtn (back to top button)
  • Diaspora: import public diaspora messages to sys if applicable
  • Diaspora: try and handle singletons better and simplify the associated notifier decisions
  • Rendezvous: add proximity alert feature to members to issue notification when member is within a specified distance.
  • New addon: diaspora_reconnect to refriend diaspora/friendica connections from a clone or channel move
  • Diaspora: change the logic for deciding between upstream and downstream message flow for notifier plugins
  • Rendezvous: prompt member to share their location by activating the GPS control using a tooltip and pulsing visibility
  • statistics_json: fix nodeinfo
  • Rendezvous: restored the lost gps-icon.png and corrected the OpenStreetMap tile server URL to avoid insecure content warnings
  • Rendezvous: use observer name if available
  • std_embeds: missing backslash
  • Diaspora: postgres fixes issue #31
  • Rendezvous: added marker list with centering buttons and popup open.
  • Rendezvous: added control to see list of members sharing their location, with buttons to pan the map to center them
  • Diaspora: system level diaspora toggle
  • Rendezvous: added control that displays members.
  • Diaspora: rename diaspora2bb() to markdown_to_bb() in core
  • Hubwall: remove illegal unescaped angle chars
  • Rendezvous: Add control to delete member if not updated in over 14 minutes

A big Thank You!!! to all the translators, people reporting nasty bugs and people with great ideas which help us make Hubzilla better with each release.

Get it while it's hot!

If you like what we do, please consider to support this project:

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giac hellvecio
thanks for all the work done since you Mario ( also Andrew ;-) )are joined in this project time ago :like
Mario Vavti
Thanks Mike!

Mike MacgirvinMike Macgirvin wrote the following post Fri, 23 Dec 2016 12:52:21 -0800
Condensed summary:

      The database driver has now been converted to PDO, which was the last remaining work to be done to bring the project up to what we call an "enterprise grade" architecture and began exactly a year ago. In the process of doing this work, we fixed a lot of compatibility issues with postgres - which should now work reasonably well.

        The wiki and help pages (project documentation) had a number of usability issues and all of the known issues have been addressed. Wiki pages can now be created in bbcode, which is much more expressive in its ability than markdown.

        The API was redesigned and many of the base functions are now documented. The Twitter API was moved to a plugin so you can still use Hubzilla with hundreds of third-party apps and social clients.

        The 'hl' (highlight) tag was added to our repertoire by request.

        Lots of UI behaviour changes to streamline the flow and ease repetitive tasks. Too many to list individually. The "left side" menu was also made 'sticky' to ease navigation on lengthy and infinite content pages.

        Zot, the base protocol was extended to allow negotiable encryption algorithms; allowing sites to create their own encryption stacks and harden their communications against state-sponsored actors.

        Edited posts and comments will now appear on Diaspora (which does not support editing of posts and comments).  There were several other fixes for Diaspora protocol and communications issues.  

        Superblock was re-written entirely and it is now much easier to remove blocked channels from the blacklist. It is also much harder for their posts to appear in your stream anywhere, and they can never write on your wall; even if you have relaxed comment permissions.  

        In addition we fixed hundreds of bugs and fixed a lot of "little stuff" that nobody complained about, but we felt should be improved to make this a world-class app.

Since 1.0 - the entire project has been re-written and completely re-architected to provide an enterprise-grade software base going forward. All corporate and external dependencies have been moved to plugins. Most anything that was limited "by design" was reworked and the limitations removed; for example the permissions infrastructure. Along the way we introduced new functionality in most areas of the platform and continued re-working the UI to make it more consistent and usable. The project also supports three base modes (but this could be extended) to provide functionality tuned to different uses such as for federation or enterprise use. The list of individual changes since 1.0 is quite staggering. I haven't done a count but I believe it probably represents around a half a million lines of code changed; possibly much more than that. The total amount of work is quite impressive given the small team and numerous distractions we faced from critics and trolls along the way.
Mario Vavti

Hubzilla 2.0RC released!

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If you are technically versed and can therefore provide useful bugreports or fixes on issues you might find, you are invited to upgrade to Hubzilla 2.0RC and test it to help making Hubzilla 2.0 the best release ever :)

The release of Hubzilla 2.0 can be expected around x-mas (assumed we don't find any releaseblocking issues)...

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That would be nice to get the stable version before chrismas
Mario Vavti

Hubzilla Bugfix Release 1.14.2

  last edited: Fri, 21 Oct 2016 11:23:04 -0700  
Core bugfixes:
  • Issue #553 - Dirsearch returns -0001-11-30 as birthday
  • Issue #549 - Initial state of message permissions window is wrong

Plugins bugfixes:
  • Diaspora: allow diaspora posts in the public stream
  • Hubwall: preserve posted values on page reload, provide count and notification of successful email 'send'

It is recommendet to upgrade!

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Mario Vavti

Hubzilla 1.14 officially released!

  last edited: Thu, 13 Oct 2016 02:49:39 -0700  
Here is an overview of the most important changes during the roughly two months development period:

  • New hook bbcode_filter
  • Unify the various mail sending instance to enotify::send() and z_mail()
  • Provide ability for admin to change account password
  • Replace deprecated Sabre functions
  • Add plugin hook for 'get_profile_photo'
  • Convert NULL_DATE to a legal date for compatibility with MySQL strict mode
  • Allow a site to over-ride the help table-of-contents files
  • Autoscroll to target post/comment when in single-thread mode
  • Indicator for own response verb activity
  • Add server role documentation
  • Pro: remove Additional Features link for techlevel 0
  • Upgrade fullcalendar library to version 3
  • Whitelist button tag in htmlpurifier
  • Upgrade justifiedGallery library to version 3.6.3
  • Pubsites improvements
  • Upgrade foundation library to version 6.2.3
  • Ability to move photos to another album
  • Submodules for settings page
  • Submodules for admin page
  • Remove chatroom suggestions
  • Revamped and improved theme select backend
  • Theme preview
  • Implement techlevels for pro server role
  • BBcode checklist
  • Improve save to folder modal dialog
  • Case insensitive sort apps
  • Add authors to post distribution
  • Redirect to plugin page after enabling to show configuration settings if applicable
  • Move allowed email domains to admin->security page
  • Display text around the searched query in documentation search
  • Comanche observer conditionals
  • Remove ratings
  • Context help for /connedit
  • Provide configurable sidebar table-of-contents indexes for different levels of the help hierarchy
  • Comanche conditionals
  • Cover photo enhancements (does not disappear after initial scrolldown)
  • Website import/export
  • Server roles (basic, standard and pro)

  • Fix connected time not shown on ajax loaded connections
  • API issues
  • Fix readmore.js collapsing on scrolldirection change in some mobile browsers
  • Personalize Server Emails
  • Audio player doesn't automatically show for m4a files
  • Fix ajax page update with /channel?f=&mid=hash
  • Angle bracket characters in DB password not recognised
  • Regression: files/photos were not synchronising to channel clones properly
  • Missing categories in preview mode
  • attach_store() sql issue
  • Rename id share_container to distr_container - share_container seem to be blacklisted in various security browser plugins
  • Add 'map' extension to files served natively by nginx without using the project controller
  • Zot discovery wasn't returning in all cases (after discovering zot)
  • Do not show hidden channels in /randprof
  • Numerous postgres fixes
  • Illegal offset errors in include/conversation:status_editor() when no permissions array is passed
  • Patch foundation-6.2.3 to work with jquery-3.1
  • Custom/expert permissions bug
  • Mail: return array instead of object
  • Don't send purge_all notification to self
  • Saved search: tags and connection searches weren't being saved
  • Do not allow PERMS_PUBLIC as a choice for writable permission limits
  • Force cover photos as well as profile photos to be public. As a side effect 'thing' photos will also be considered public
  • Make lock switching actually work with multiple acl forms
  • Create smarty dir before any templates can be initialised
  • Fix aconfig
  • Broken doc search
  • Public forum check with custom/expert permissions

  • Standard Embed: update to convert old corporate bbcodes
  • Cdav security: fix rw permission check
  • Cdav: add partial support for recurring events in the browser client (editing/creating is not implemented)
  • New plugin phpmailer: use phpmailer class instead of php's built-in mail() function
  • Diaspora: third party on other network comment issue
  • Diaspora: comment fix (hubzilla originated comment with plugin activated by comment author not making it to Diaspora)
  • Cdav: provide calendar list view
  • Diaspora: allow comments on public diaspora posts which were imported by subscribing to public tags.
  • Wppost: add blog_id parameter for WordPress MU sites such as
  • Wppost: don't log the password in normal mode
  • Hubwall: provide choice of sender addresses, the real admin email, postmaster, or noreply.
  • Chord: General cleanup of chord app
  • Chord: Update chord binary for modern linux systems
  • Start grouping addons by server_role

Get it while it's hot!

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Mike Macgirvin
  last edited: Wed, 12 Oct 2016 12:27:56 -0700  
Worth noting that if you experience any limitation in features or suddenly find cross-network federation doesn't work correctly, please go to admin/site and ensure your server role is set to 'standard', and not 'pro'. You are welcome to use pro, but there are some major differences and this might cause some surprises or mental anguish if you weren't expecting them.  See .
Mario Vavti

Hubzilla 1.14RC released for testing

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October 2 is the 275th day of the year (276th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 90 days remaining until the end of the year. This date is slightly more likely to fall on a Tuesday, Friday or Sunday (58 in 400 years each) than on Wednesday or Thursday (57), and slightly less likely to occur on a Monday or Saturday (56).
-- Wikipedia

We have worked very hard, fixed numerous bugs and implemented new features since the release of 1.12. Please have a look at the changelog for details.

If you are technically versed and can therefore provide useful bugreports or fixes on issues you find, you are invited to upgrade and test Hubzilla-1.14RC to help making the upgrade to 1.14 as smooth as possible.

The release of 1.14 can be expected around mid october (assumed we don't find any releaseblocking issues)...

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